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Affiliate Program Launches

Launching a successful affiliate program is more than just providing a tracking platform. To do it right – you need to conduct a competitor analysis, define your unique selling points clearly to new partners and the right commission structures and then market your affiliate program to attract partners in to grow it successfully.

Thorough Competitor Analysis

A thorough analysis of your competitors and a deep dive into your SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threads) delivers a strategic launch plan that informs the development of a unique and competitive affiliate program for your brand. Our strategic approach ensures your program stands out in a competitive market, attracting quality affiliates and delivering consistent sales!

USP Development & Brand Positioning

Crafting a compelling Unique Selling Proposition is essential for attracting top-tier affiliates to your program. Our team helps define your program’s unique strengths, benefits, and incentives. Whether it’s competitive commission rates, exclusive promotions, or innovative marketing tools, we tailor your affiliate program for success.

Pricing & Planning Your Strategy

Determining the right commission structure and budget allocations is critical for the success of your affiliate program. Our agency team helps you map out the path to success without over spending which impacts your program profitability. We work closely with your team to build a sustainable and scalable affiliate program.

Marketing, PR & Advertising

Launching an affiliate program is not just about setting up the technical infrastructure – it’s also about creating awareness and generating interest with high performing affiliate partners. Our media and podcast put your program in front of a highly engaged affiliate audience highlighting your program’s unique features, ensuring your affiliate program launch is a success.

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Affiliate Program launch in 2 weeks taking advantage of Black Friday peak
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