ROI increase of 115% in Revenue on a Sports Betting Affiliate Program!

Case Studies


The client’s affiliate program had been taken in-house and was managed by an inexperienced affiliate team. The program was making a financial loss each month due to poorly crafted affiliate commercials, a lack of active partner management and a stretched in house marketing team who had little time to secure partner success. With limited resources internally and a lack of strategic direction, our client sought professional guidance from Affiverse to help revitalise the program to deliver profit and set a goal of 6 months for us to achieve this.

What we achieved:

In the first 6 months:

  • 15% increase in active partners sending new sales within first 4 weeks of take over
  • 45% increase in average sales per customer
  • 115% increase in total revenue (ROI from negative Revenue to Positive Earnings)
  • Top performing deals amended to a performance based budget (Revenue Share) – saving 45% in commission payments whilst traffic stabilised and partner onboarding and activations increased.

How did we do this?


We conducted a full program audit to identify what the area’s of concern were. After a full competitive analysis was completed we created a strategy that focussed on reaching the client’s immediate KPI for performance uplift. We meticulously evaluated each partner’s performance and re-set target benchmarks to refine campaigns that were under performing. We also optimised the affiliate platform setup and configurations to enable better data analysis for affiliates to gain access to their reporting in real time. Recognising the importance of offering affiliates a seamless onboarding journey, we allocated marketing resources strategically to build an onboarding experience which helped new affiliates to gain access to the information they needed about the program products and promotions to increase registration to go live times.


Once the competitive analysis and technical infrastructure was upgraded, we successfully re-negotiated top-performing affiliate deals and improved existing commercial agreements based on performance. We also implemented a new tiered incentive structure designed to enable affiliates to grow and incentivise them to do that. Recognising the need for a more diversified traffic selection, we onboarded a range of affiliates outside of the traditional SEO and PPC traffic sources already established in the program to diversify price points and bring in new niche audiences over time to meet the client’s channel KPI’s. These measures collectively helped to optimise the program’s operational processes, fostering growth, and aligning affiliate incentives for mutual success.


In a span of nice months we were able to revive a loss leading affiliate program and increase the client’s profits with a strategy that enabled affiliates to be supported to grow and enabled the brand to re-invest in the channel. These achievements underscore our dedication to delivering tangible and positive outcomes for our clients, driving growth and success – together.

Increase in Active Affiliates
Increase in Avg Sales Values
Increase in Revenue
Reduction in Costs