From Stagnant to Soaring with a 53% Increase in sales

Case Studies


The client, an independent e-commerce retail business, approached Affiverse after their affiliate program had been in operation for 18 months but was stagnating in sales. Despite their initial success with brand influencers, the program was not experiencing the desired growth rates. Limited experienced internal resources had also posed challenges in managing the global growth of affiliate referred sales and we were approached to help them scale.

What we achieved

In the First 3 Months

  • Affiliate referred sales increased by 53%
  • Confirmed Shipped Sales of the product increased by 47%
  • Avg Order values per customer saw a 10% increase with the inclusion of accessories being commissioned items included in the basket and check out process

6 Month Outome

  • New partners onboarded and actively sending sales increased affiliate members by 116%
  • Active partners with sales increased by 70% during the initial term period

12 month Outcome

  • Client sent their team on our AMPP Affiliate Manager Training so as to upskill their internal team to continue the growth projection we had started with them in the channel as they expanded their in house management team

How did we do this?


In an effort to align with the client’s goals and objectives, our team initiated a comprehensive strategy session, delving into the intricacies of their program flatline and defined what success looked like to them. Following this session we set to work to plan a month by month action strategy focussed on their program optimisation and existing partner performance. A strategic outreach to segment the program outside of pure influencers was implemented to enhance traffic sources and brand reach across a diverse range of parnters. Our team built optimisation processes to minimise administration and improve publisher onboarding processes ensuring partners could be activated a lot faster upon entry. Furthermore, an analysis of top-performing partners and traffic sources was conducted, leading to a revision commercial incentives that improved value and volume of new customer sales.


Recognising the significance of quality traffic, we systematically eliminated poor-performing traffic sources. To broaden our reach, we expanded geo-targeting efforts by collaboratively developing country-specific URLs with top-performing voucher code and incentive publishers during strategic sales periods (start of summer) when products were most sought. Our outreach efforts extended beyond the existing affiliate network, fostering increased collaboration with external partners and also included setting up B2B Parnterships for branded merchandise in the Gaming community where the product is used for gamers in front of screens. In parallel, we established closer collaboration between our team and their influencer and digital marketing teams to elevate the quality of affiliate creatives. This comprehensive approach aimed not only to optimise their affiliates results but also cultivated meaningful partnerships and creative collaborations for sustained growth and improved performance.


During the initial three months of our collaboration, the results were striking: sales soared by an impressive 53%, revenue experienced a substantial 47% boost, and the average order value demonstrated a noteworthy 10% increase. Building on this momentum, the six-month outcomes underscored the success of our management approach, with a remarkable 116% increase in new partners onboarded and a notable 70% rise in active partners contributing to sales. The culmination of our efforts at the twelve-month mark saw the client’s recognition of our impact, as they sent their own team for our Affiliate Management Performance Program (AMPP) training, further affirming the success and sustainability of our agency partnership.

Increase in Sales
Increase Affiliates Onboarded
Increase in AOV
Active Partners Sending Sales