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How can iGaming affiliate managers use tools like Clubhouse to engage their players and affiliates


iGaming affiliate managers always need to be on the lookout for new tools that they can use to create an environment in which they can engage their players and affiliates best. One such tool that could be a great option is Clubhouse. This innovative new social media provides some interesting opportunities that we have not really seen anywhere else. Let’s take a look at why you as an affiliate manager should look into using Clubhouse as part of your program.

Creating a customer culture

One of the primary reasons why you should consider using Clubhouse is its inclusivity features. This means that it is easier to bring people together and make them feel like a valued part of your team. No matter whether they are players or affiliates, it is likely that the people you interact with in your program are going to be a part of several. Clubhouse is ideal for helping you stand out and feel unique.

Creating a good customer culture is a vital strategy for any affiliate brand. By using Clubhouse, you can actively track how members of the program are responding to it, and can make changes and improvements as you then see fit!

Engaging affiliates

So, how do you use Clubhouse to engage affiliates? Well, the rooms are a fantastic resource that you can use to pass on tips and advice. If you have just had a recruitment drive and want to onboard everyone together successfully, a tool such as Clubhouse will be key in helping you do so.

It can also be useful for check-ins. You can arrange to meet with certain affiliates in private rooms for a more conducive and natural conversation about their goals than in somewhere like a WhatsApp conversation.

Clubhouse is also fantastic for networking. Whether you are promoting for new affiliates or encouraging them to reach out and make connections of their own, this is an ideal platform to do it from.

Engaging players

Of course, Clubhouse can also be used to build a community around the players within a program. When they sign up, invite them to join a room in Clubhouse. It is a fantastic place for them to chat, and they might even be able to swap tidbits about their favourite games.

You can use this platform to run a virtual event for players, but you should also reach out and do some networking of your own. This is a great place for you to promote your program, the same as you would on any other social media, and it could produce some brilliant results for you. Just make sure you double-check the community guidelines first before you get started – you always want to remain compliant!

Clubhouse has some amazing opportunities waiting for those willing to push for them, and it could be the perfect tool to help affiliate managers organise their affiliates and players. Sign up to their waitlist or score your own invite to this platform ASAP!

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