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Tools to help you save time and automate your affiliate marketing in 2021


Affiliate marketing can be incredibly time-consuming. There are many little tasks that you need to ensure that you are always staying on top of. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are searching for tools that can help you organise your workload more efficiently. Let’s take a look at some of the tools that affiliates and affiliate managers alike might be able to make use of.


Momento is a key tool that allows you to manage and monitor your domains and SSL certificates from one place. This allows you to easily manage your DNS and even potentially buy new domains when expanding your interests.

With notifications meaning you never miss a deadline, this tool is key for an affiliate who works with multiple brands and may have many domains to their name. Organise it all so it is under one umbrella and easy for you to manage.

Type Studio

Mixing content and media is a must for affiliates – that is why tools like Type Studio are essential. If you create a lot of video content for your brand, you should look into a video to article tool like this. It will allow you to turn your video directly into an interactive article that can then be added to your blog or even sent by email.


Time management is key for many industries, and it can be easy to get distracted by something or to let time slip away from you when working on a task. That is why it can be worth looking into a free time tracker app such as Traqq.

This tool will allow affiliates to monitor their activity. It can even be used to generate time sheets to see where you might be lacking. This, in turn, can then be used to come up with some genuine steps that could save time.

Cinema by Movement Spaces

An affiliate manager needs to know when to treat their affiliates to reward them for successful endeavours and push them to achieve their next set of goals. A platform like Cinema by Movement Spaces is a fun way to do exactly that. You can host a movie night for your affiliates and work on your connection with them in a fun and low-key environment.


Social media is a key part of affiliate management, which is why tools such as TweetPrompter can be a lifesaver. A tool such as this will help you create engaging content for your Twitter feed that will help you to build a consistent and credible social media profile as part of your affiliate marketing. No bots or other tools are needed, just you and your Twitter account.


There are many ways to treat your affiliates, and Perkeez offers a great platform for iGaming affiliate managers to take advantage of.

The Founder of Perkeez, describes the service as follows: “Perkeez is an iGaming gifting platform, inspired by the founders own personal experience.

With a user-friendly interface, Perkeez helps business partners based in different countries, to send gifts to each other in a very efficient way, with no additional costs due to custom bureaucracy & most important – every gift can be unique for each user.

Apart from being a time-saving solution, Perkeez’s moto- Treat and Trigger -pretty much describes the purpose. Without the possibility to meet in person during these times, the platform helps partners to scale up their business relationship and treat their partners in the best possible way.”

The above six tools could prove to be incredibly helpful to iGaming affiliates and managers when trying to automate their processes. Think about implementing some of them in your affiliate marketing strategies now.

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