63% Click Increase from new EMEA B2B partnership expansion

Case Studies


The US Head of Acquisition reached out to Affiverse to gain assistance with the global expansion of their affiliate program in the EMEA region. Our agency team was engaged to strategically cultivate and expand EMEA referral partnerships to drive sales from EU markets that contributed to the program’s overall sales growth. Our objective was to recruit new publishers that could drive new leads and scale in a number of EU countries leveraging our own affiliate contacts and publisher partners to do that.

What we achieved:

  • We increased clicks from EMEA based Affiliate partners to their registration page by 63%
  • Qualified sales increased by 38% over the period across new EU publishers recruited by our team
  • Client renewed their contract tenure and provided additional budget for us to deploy into three additional EU Markets and we continue to help them grow!

How did we do this?


We meticulously defined the client’s core objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure our efforts were focussed to meet their success metrics. Our efforts included conducting a thorough analysis of affiliates already on the program to assess their overall traffic sources. We also created an in-depth list of over 2000 new publishers with traffic sources that matched the clients customer segments to ensure we had a pool of partners in the right region to onboard. We also conducted a comprehensive assessment of the existing program which had been migrated to a new platform to identify affiliates with old links that were not sending traffic or converting but still live and updated these to ensure no sales were being lost. We segmented the program into multiple traffic niches, optimising brand visibility and driving sales uplift in the EMEA region with partners who conducted re-targeting which the client had never previously tested. Additionally, we collaborated with their other agency partners world wide to streamline administrative efficiencies in their affiliate network platform – for a more robust and streamlined daily operation.


In the first six months – our priority was to meticulously segment and cleanse the existing program, organising it based on geographical criteria. Following this refinement period, we executed a comprehensive tactical outreach and onboarding process, strategically scaling our efforts to recruit small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in larger numbers to join the program. Subsequently, we directed our attention towards identifying and onboarding partners that were already working with competitors, emphasising consistent sale activations and building retention loyalty. This strategic sequence of actions aimed to optimise program efficiency and drive sustainable growth.


We achieved a remarkable 63% increase in new lead generation (Clicks) for the targeted EMEA regions within the program. This success was further emphasised by a significant 38% growth in sales transactions during the same period from newly established markets where the client’s brand had no other visible presence. The client, acknowledging our impactful performance by providing additional budget to our team to deploy, thus enabling us to strategically extend our operations into three additional EU markets. This renewed commitment signifies the tangible and positive impact of our efforts on the client’s objectives and our capability to deliver new market expansion via our partner network and resource expertise.

Increased Clicks
Increased Sale Transaction
Satisfied Clients
3 New Geo's
Additional Growth