40% Increase in Partner Activity after Program Platform Migration

Case Studies


Our client approached us with two affiliate networks operating their affiliate program. After their in house affiliate manger had exited the business 3 months prior the program had slowly started to decline because of a lack of active partner management. Seeking assistance, they approached Affiverse to facilitate the seamless technical migration of the program from the two networks into a robust Affiliate In house Tracking solution supporting their in house marketing team to unify their program strategy and focus on expanding and diversifying active affiliate partners (segmentation strategy).

What we achieved

  • Full Platform Migration from 2 Affiliate Networks into in-house SaaS tracking tool
  • 42 Dormant Partners Reactivated in this process which lead to additional sales
  • Increased sales by active partners by 40% in first 3 months after migration completed.
  • Continued to support internal marketing team to drive global strategy forward.

How did we do this?


The project commenced with a thorough project plan and scoping of technical resources and partner requirements before we matched the client to an appropriate tracking solution that could provide affiliates with the tools they needed to scale. The client also integrated their media and social influencer tracking into the new platform and therefore unified their data to a single source of truth enabling them to configure campaigns and measure customer life cycles and values from one reporting suite. Our agency team then orchestrated a seamless platform migration of all partners from the two affiliate platforms into the new tracking provider within a condensed timeline of nine weeks. During this transition, we meticulously identified areas of improvement, ensuring the optimisation of the entire affiliate ecosystem. Additionally, we strategically categorised traffic sources, uncovering new opportunities that had not yet been integrated into the affiliate program base, thereby enhancing the program’s reach and efficiency at a global level.


Affiverse took charge of the entire network migration process, working with all 3 service providers to create a succinct project plan that ensured partners were unaffected by the migration process and handled all communications and aligned team goals to ensure deadlines were met. This included handling data migration, customer mapping, new partner onboarding simultaneously to the migration plan and management of technical queries from affiliates post launch. Prior to the official launch on the new platform, we proactively pre-marketed the program through our own media platform, generating substantial interest among potential affiliates who’d never trialled these offers. To ensure a seamless transition and meet client deadlines, we conducted after-hours Q&A sessions and end-to-end live testing, resulting in swift responses from network tech teams to bug fix any potential problems impacting affiliates during working hours. This strategic and comprehensive approach highlights our commitment to delivering results and ensuring a smooth operational transition for our clients and their affiliates when technical challenges arise.


We accomplished a seamless program migration, ensuring no negative impact on our clients valued partners, and successfully reactivated 42 dormant partnerships in the process. Strategically reducing dependence on a single top partner, we achieved a substantial 40% increase in active partners actively driving sales within the affiliate program during this period. Our ongoing commitment to client success extends to the expansion of services, with a focus on cultivating new traffic sources, including CPA Networks, CTV, and Retargeting. This approach ensures a sustained and diversified strategy, underlining our dedication to optimizing and elevating our client’s success in the long term.

Zero Negative Impact
Partners Reactivated
Revenue Growth
Partnership Continued